What are we asking with this initiative?

earlywritingWe are asking the European Parliament to discuss the benefits of a Basic Income and to make the necessary ecomomic and technical studies.

The most common reactions to this initiative have answers:

"It will never be done": If we don't even try, this is a certain.

"We have other problems right now": There are always other problems. Basic Income solves some of them, like decent living conditions.

"They won't give us money": We are not asking for money. Only what belongs to us. At this stage the right to find out if a Basic Income is feasible.

"This is not a European Union we want": Exactly the reason to try as citizens actively to make it what we want.

Finally, if we were happy with the way Europe or our state works today, there would be no reason for citizen initiatives and movements. Now is the time to try for the best, together. Us, the citizens.