NEWSLETTER – February 2018

Unconditional Basic Income Europe
NEWSLETTER – February 2018

Join us in Göteborg, Sweden, on 23-25 March!

Dear friends!

Who are and who should be our allies in the struggle for basic income? Is our vision ‘the capitalist road to communism’, or a libertarian conspiracy from Silicon Valley? Is it pointless when discussing a future with basic income to talk about 'Left' or 'Right'?

These will be the main questions for our upcoming network meeting on 23-25 March 2018, in Göteborg, Sweden. The weekend will include a public debate with Guy Standing, seminars, workshops and our annual General Assembly. Come and join us!

Follow this link for more details, and registration.

If you can't attend but still want to contribute to the meeting's success, we would very much appreciate a one-off payment or regular donation so we can invite participants from less affluent countries and do more similar events this year! UBIE runs entirely on volunteer work and individual donations.

Yours unconditionally,

The Board of Unconditional Basic Income Europe:
Anja Askeland, Aurélie Hampel, Dániel Fehér, Lena Stark & Ulrich Schachtschneider


Council of Europe adopts report on UBI

At the end of January the Council of Europe voted to back a report recommending basic income. UBIE contributed to this report along with Le Mouvement Français pour un Revenu de Base (MFRB) during hearings in Strasbourg last year. You can read about it here on Basic Income News. The report itself is on this link (PDF).

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The Free Lunch Society

This new movie, made to introduce wider audiences to the idea of Basic Income, had just a very successful debut in Germany with crowdfunded screenings in over hundred cinemas. It is also being shown in many more places around the world. If you would like to organise a screening in your area, in touch with the production company on the film's website.

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UBIE relies entirely on volunteers, but we need to pay for our website, newsletter and other forms of communication. We also need to subsidise the travel of activists to our meetings and other events, to make sure we represent UBI movements throughout Europe. Please give what you can!
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